Tea Party with Anna: art, inspiration and style
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25 February, 2024 18:37

Tea Party with Anna: art, inspiration and style

Чаепитие с Анной: искусство, вдохновение и стиль

Tell us a little about yourself

My main activity is related to work in a telecommunication company. I also have a hobby - the ChaepitiYa project. This is a chamber format of educational events in a living room in Zamoskvorechye. We organize lectures in a home format together with different speakers. Sometimes it's just a lecture with a tea party, and sometimes it's a lecture and a trip to a museum, we also hold various master classes.

We are watching your cozy project TeaepitiYa and will definitely plan to participate in the event on our next trip to Moscow. Tell us the history of this project, how did it all start? 

I like to host guests, enjoy tea and sweets. Our project is based on the idea of hospitality. I value my time and pay attention to who I spend it with. For me, the TeaPitiYa project means being surrounded by nice people and having access to quality information. A year and a half ago, I came up with the idea of combining my love of organizing events with education. I suggested to my friend Dasha (she is an art historian) to organize a lecture over tea. That was the starting point for my project. A year and a half later, the TeaepitiYa project not only organizes lectures over a cup of tea, but also organizes excursions, trips, workshops. Retreats and private events, we also have our own products. At the beginning of January we launched online lectures.

What are the values and goals of the project? 

The main value is hospitality, coziness, warmth, honesty, transparency, nice and interested people around. 

Where did your love for art begin?

Since childhood, my parents surrounded me with the world of art. When we traveled, we visited museums and galleries, always with a guide. My dad is an art collector and my mom always chose the Impressionists. As a child, I attended an art design workshop, which gave me a love for architecture and visual art. In Moscow, as an additional education, I took art management courses. 
I'm curious to talk to you, as an art connoisseur, to what extent have the residents of Moscow and beyond become more interested in art? 
It seems to me that there has always been a keen interest in art in Moscow. I can't say for sure whether this has changed now or not, but contemporary art is definitely getting more attention today than it used to. I believe that this is a worldwide trend. During the pandemic, people stayed at home and had to pay attention to organizing their homes and creating a cozy environment. Many people realized that their walls were empty and art became a popular way to decorate. I know that during the pandemic, the art market was revitalized and many pieces were actively purchased. 

  What advice can you give to someone who is just starting to get interested in art?

There isn't something basic here... Try to travel as much as you can, see different places, find things you like and things that don't evoke emotion. The more you see, the faster you will form your taste. And it is desirable to consider everything with your own eyes. For example, if you visit some good exhibition, it is better to first consider the exposition yourself, and then turn to the guides. Because when you study something yourself, you perceive everything around with your own eyes, when you are told about it, you perceive through the prism of another perception.

  Let's talk a little bit about style, describe your style in three words?

Classic, comfortable, austere, and fun at the same time. That's about it. I like to add bright details to my look from time to time. In general, I am open to colorful elements, but in everyday life I prefer a more understated style.

  Where do you look for inspiration to create images? Does a passion for art help with this? 

Mm-hmm. To be honest, I don't really have time to think about my style, I never really think much about my image. My clothes are just a part of me. The most important thing for me is to be comfortable, because when I feel comfortable, I feel confident.

How does your shopping experience usually go? Which format of shopping is closer: online or offline?

I am a fan of offline shopping. I would love to adapt to online shopping, but it's important for me to touch everything and see how it fits on me before I buy it. Plus, I'm tall, and not all things fit me well. That's why I love the classic shopping experience.  

What is one closet item you can't imagine your life without?

It sounds a bit funny, but I have a big collection of phone cases: with long laces and different colors. All my friends know about it. I'm not sure if they can be considered part of my closet, but they are always my accessory. And in general, what can't I do without? Probably without black and white t-shirts and turtlenecks, without jeans. 

When you study something on your own, you perceive everything with your own eyes, when you are told about it, you perceive through the prism of another perception.

Let's imagine a situation, you are late for a meeting with a friend and you have 5 minutes to collect, what will you choose?

Probably, in such a situation, I will choose wide jeans, a white T-shirt and a plaid shirt. If something more formal is needed, I'll opt for a pantsuit. I have a lot of suits, but I prefer not tight variants with slightly flared pants and an oversize jacket. Again comfort is very important to me in clothing. 

Do you follow fashion trends? Do you integrate them into your closet?

I don't follow them intentionally. But I subscribe to many of my friends and acquaintances whose style I like. Well, naturally, if you don't want to, you kind of absorb all these trends. However, I prefer not to succumb to fashion. When a thing becomes popular, I don't like it right away. Honestly speaking, fashion does not play a significant role in my life.

Which clothing brand would you prefer: a young brand with a cool concept or a brand with a history? 

I love and respect brands with a cool concept, with a cool identity, I always try to support them. I like things from Azi Land - they are stylish and the price corresponds to the quality. Among Russian brands: 1811, 12storez, Azalie. At the same time, I am always ready to buy brands with history, such as Prada and Dior, which have been my favorites for many years. I am attracted by the fact that the positions of these brands retain high quality and serve me for more than one year - I have things from ten years ago, which I am happy to wear still.

Are there any brands whose collections you follow particularly closely?

    As I've already mentioned, I like Prada and Dior, I follow their new products. I also like Miu Miu, but sometimes their sizes don't fit me in length. I appreciate Celine, especially Old Celine. From the mid segment I am attracted to Toteme. From the mass market I am happy with the Russian brand Lime, Zara pleases me only with the children's section lately. I prefer to mix things from different price categories and I love Russian brands, for example, 1811, their pantsuits always help me out.

What, in your opinion, must have items should be in every fashionista's closet this season?  

A bag with a shape like an elongated suitcase, but more rectangular, like the Hermès and Miu Miu models. These bags suit my style and are convenient for work, so I have already added this model in burgundy color to my Wishlist (by the way, burgundy is another trend of the season, but in my closet it is basic).
I think in today's fashion world it's important to have your own cool chips, not to repeat after others. For example, I love my Azi Land bag that I bought for New Year's Eve events and parties. Such things attract attention and arouse the interest of others (I got a lot of compliments everywhere).
Also every respectful fashionista should stash her Kelly, Birkin, etc a little more. Strive to be a little simpler, a little more relaxed. The trend for sloppiness is definitely present. To add carelessness to the image you can decorate your bag with different accessories: beads, laces, key chains, stickers. In general, you need to think about convenience and relaxedness. I believe that nothing adorns a girl like her confidence and calm mood.
Личная цель - продолжать ценить каждый момент, наслаждаться жизнью и делиться радостью со своей семьей.

Share your dreams and plans for 2024

There are a lot of plans. We, the Teaepitiya Project team, are looking to increase our online production and go more into digital, and in general actively grow. The main goal is to build a strong team for the Teaepitiya project so that I can focus on my main job.
In my main job, I want to accomplish my goals with my team and move from words to action.

A personal goal is to continue to appreciate every moment, enjoy life and share joy with my family. I will also be turning 30 this year and one of the plans is to have a great celebration. I know that my friends are really looking forward to this party, because parties I know how and love to organize.  
My global dream is for the world to look around and think about what is going wrong, since there are so many escalated conflicts, but everyone has to start with themselves, which I advise myself, among others. I guess that's it. 
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